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Absurdesque” (2008) by Theaterlabor Bielefeld


Get a picture of the play. Click here to see a short video sequence.

The impression:

Absurdesque seems to be an absurd creation of ideas and micro-interactions of the artists. With their high energetic neurotic ambiguous interactions they create an ‘Absurdesque`, a new ironical hypersensitive theatre genre. It is a reflection of a pretence, a non-play: with no prologue, no epilogue, no developing plot, and no meaning in the dialogues. It is a cacophonical symphony of plots, text and music, without coherence, without any earthly meaning, or is there any?

The setting:

Two couples are waiting, expecting a guest. A knock on the door, but as frequently declared “there is nobody there!”. This procedure recurs and the rhythm of appearance of that sequence serves as the heartbeat of the piece. The couples use words of  “The Bald Soprano“ which is a representative prototype of an absurd sketch and nonsense play. For how long are these actors  trapped in their play which is no play at all? They are not able any more to escape from this play, that declares in every lasting moment its identity as an anti-play. Caught up in this non-theatre, they have missed their careers as actors and have never started their lives as normal people. They echo the phrases of the characters they maybe have been in a former life which might never had taken place.

The effect:

As much as the protagonists could not be authentic in any way, they seem very familiar to everybody who reflects his personal identity. When you get to the point: am I more than the sum of all ever spoken words? Am I more than the fulfillment of preconditions? Welcome on board! You are in the middle of the world of “Absurdesque”!

On the one hand spectators cannot understand the actors´ neurotical hybris - but we laugh at them none the less.

We cannot take them seriously – but we are nevertheless deeply touched by them.

In fact, there are many meanings for our liking. You only have to get into the rhythm of “Absurdesque” - a pantomimic massacre of words.

Four actors, a mysterious sound machine and a well hidden video camera are the ingredients of this explosive mixture composed by Theaterlabor in its 25th year.




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