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Fasten your seatbelts and bring your back in an upright position...

The Theaterlabor is ready to take off to a celestially outdoor theatre event. The play is set at an airport, illustrated by the powerful appearance of an authentic gangway. Six passengers are about to check in quickly and depart. But the procedure to take off and fly away is more intricate than  expected. There are many obstacles to overcome: dubious security controls, a mess with the luggage, strange ground staff and weird announcements.

On the one hand the incidents at the airport are maliciously. On the other hand the passengers are trapped by their own phantasy, fear and wishes to overcome reality and to resolve their day-to-day experience. Will they catch the last airplane? Will their waiting never come to an end ? The audience is invited to be amazed by the development and conclusion of the play. Come on board for this surreal journey.

Airport is an entertaining piece of street theatre. It batches poetically between  floating like a plume and psychopathic free fall.


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