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The Universe of Jules Verne - An open-air-performance by Theaterlabor Bielefeld


The submarine Nautilus which you can see below is constructed by Norbert Meier. Click here to see more of his work.

„The Universe of Jules Verne“ talks about flying, diving, travelling to the moon. Jules Verne was a great visionary, who invented and described characters, flying-, diving- and swimming- objects in a detailed manner  based on the technical possibilities at the end of the 19th century. He illustrated his novels with futuristic landscapes of impressing exactness. He developed machines, diving-bells, spacesuits, submarines, rockets, space-ships, which we all have in mind when we are thinking of Jules Verne. The work of Jules Verne influenced all succeeding science fiction novel writers vigorously.Watching the illustrations you can’t help but feel that he also influenced many spacecraft- and aeroplane-engineers.
„The Universe of Jules Verne“ is a journey through the stories of the great visionary. From the bottom of the sea through the air to the moon a group of explorers is out on the way. With the submarine „Nautilus“, the airship „Albatross“ and a rocket  they will fathom the fantasy world. Shades in crazy spacesuits are exploring the environment riding strange vehicles, for instance a valley on the moon or a  town deep down in the sea. Sea-monsters have to be conquered, mountains to be climbed, mysterious caves in the middle of the earth to be passed through. Surrealistic and futuristic sounds are waiting for a curious audience, which, placed right in the middle of the happening is sympathising but canhope for a happy ending as customary in the novels of Jules Verne.

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